Working On

Design/Arts/Crafts. One of my goals is to get back into making art. Sure, I doodle here and there, but it’s not nearly as much as I’d like. Perhaps I need to look into taking art classes or find an art-buddy to make stuff with.

Physical Fitness. Now that winter is upon us, the challenge has been to keep up with my workout routine. “It’s too cold” or “my back is achy” has been a common excuse.

I go to Zumba twice a week, but I’d really like to get back to yoga and kickboxing. More importantly, I also need to get back to meeting my daily goal of 10,000 steps. Some ideas include moving throughout the day, drinking more water, using the upstairs bathroom, and hopping on the treadmill after dinner to help make up for any shortfall. I’ve also found that doing chores to the Zumba station on Pandora takes away some of the drudge.

Yummies. Every now and then I dabble with making Korean/American-Korean dishes that my mom might make. The biggest challenge is determining precise measurements. I’m a Zen chef. I like to look at a recipe and then make it my own, or maybe not even cook with a recipe but put together ingredients that might go well together.

Although I am extremely camera-shy, you might catch me in some of my daughter’s dairy-free cooking videos. I’m usually the blurry blob in the background, the headless torso, or the close-up hand model handling or plating food.

Writing. Percolating in the recesses of my mind is my Great American Novel that will one day be a made into a movie. It would help if I poured it onto the page first. 😉 I also have hundreds of blog topics waiting to be fleshed out and posted. Time to lock up the Censor (aka Writing Party-Pooper), set some hardcore deadlines, and enlist some friends to hold me accountable.

Reading. Fiction: regency romances, paranormal romances, and young adult (YA) novels. Non-fiction: self-improvement, heath/fitness, cookbooks, and education. Reading recommendations appreciated.

And?… Alas! Not enough hours in my day.

(Last updated 12/6/17)


3 thoughts on “Working On

  1. Hi Sophia, Ellen sent me your site and I’m blown away. So complete, honest and thoughtful. I’m really looking forward to spending more time reading your posts and am really looking forward to the cookbook. Now maybe I’ll be able to cook something delicious instead of buying the premades… I didn’t know that your daughter has a nut allergy. I’m allergic to tree nuts and coconut products. If you’re trying to get the coconut based products out of your house (used as a popular foaming agent-their pervasive), I have a list of the 50 chemical names for coconut derived products and I’m happy to forward it if you if you like. ANyWay, we’re off to the H for their Kimchi Jiggae (my new breakfast staple). Ahnyoung (sp?)! Please keep in touch, Jacquie

  2. What a great blog! Thank you for having this. As a fellow KA, it is so great to see a cooking/etc. blog from a someone of a similar background. Having moved away from So Cal 4 years ago and now living in an area where Korean food is not as good, I’ve been trying to cook Korean food on my own. I would love to get the cookbook when it’s done!

  3. Sophia, what a great blog. I like the crocheting idea. I think we used to do that all the time as kids. I remember doing that with you! I recently picked it up myself and started with scarves and posting things on I think the blog is a nice extension of your creativeness. I say quit freelancing and devote all of your time to this blog and make it a maglog.

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