Counting Down to Nanowrimo 2016

Nanowrimo is just around the corner. Although I’ve participated since 2007, I have yet to reach the goal of 50,000 words. Like many folks, I make the usual excuses—too busy, too stressed, too tired—but the truth is, I’m always busy, stressed, and tired. And yet, this year feels different somehow.  

How so? I am more self-aware. After ten years of “failing,” I’m practically an expert. I’ve learned how I work and why I don’t. My strength is that I’m a great starter with lots of energy and ideas in the beginning. However, I know that after a few days I burn out, or I lose momentum very quickly once I see how far behind I’m getting. Therefore, I really need to stay on target with little tricks and incentives/disincentives along the way.

What I plan to do differently this year for Nanowrimo:
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Effective HTML Email Tip #1: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Simple)

Twitter has been instrumental in teaching me to cut the fat/filler from my writing. I still have a ways to go, but compared to how I used to write, the difference is amazing.

Some of the projects I work on involve designing templates for HTML emails. I am given text to get a sense of how much space is needed, but inadvertently I end up reading the content and asking myself: Continue reading

Blogadays Post Mortem

Finally, Day 30. Barely made it. Whew!

How was the whole experience? I loved it and hated it.

Loved the fact I got myself to write regardless of whether or not I was in the mood. Continue reading