Meanie Mommy’s Summer Learning Plans for the Princess

Yesterday I had the end-of-year IEP review at the Princess’s school. Although I’m encouraged and pleased to hear about the Princess’s progress and growth over the year, all I kept thinking about was how much more work that still lies ahead.

I don’t know if it’s common for children with severe food allergies to have some form of learning or development delay, but I recently read about about another child with the same food allergies and development/learning issues as the Princess. Continue reading


Self-flagellation at 2 a.m.

I find myself wide awake at 2 a.m. Why? Being busy beating myself up for not being a better parent. So rather than disturbing those I know with a jarring phone call at the buttcrack of dawn, I’ve decided to channel Dr. Leigh Lee (my alter ego, a nonpracticing self-help guru-in-training). Continue reading