Chip Off the What? Who?

I’ve come to learn to accept that my daughter—although I carried her in my belly for nine months—is and probably will always be an enigma. I also learned that she has many of HB’s foibles, so whenever she might behave in a way that’s erratic or unfamiliar, I must keep in mind that my genes only make up one-half of her. The rest is HB, and of course, environment and her own little spin on things.

The Princess doesn’t like to try or do new things unless she’s absolutely sure she can do it perfectly. The first time. This can be quite a challenge to get her to try something new, such as learning a musical instrument or a sport. And because of her food allergies, she also tends to be reluctant to try new foods, even though we promise they will taste good and will not hurt her. Very often she would throw a hissy fit so dramatic and traumatic, that any inkling of creating a sibling for her would vanish.

However, in public with no parents around, she has an entirely different persona and approach to new things. Her summer day camp has been a whole new eye-opening experience for us, and it’s only been one week so far. Continue reading