Intro to Korean Dramas

I am just amazed at how much Korean dramas have evolved over the last twenty years. I can’t remember the title of the first one I saw, but I do remember crying my eyes out and my dad sitting next to me doing the same. Mom thought it was hilarious seeing the two of us with bloodshot eyes and grabbing for Kleenex, and said she couldn’t watch anymore because we were distracting her.

I’m a binge watcher. I go through a few days of marathon-watching and then stop for a few weeks before I let myself watch a new series. In between dramas, I like to read JavaBeans’s posts on what’s coming out, as well as episode recaps on current dramas (which help me decide on whether or not I want to watch them later). Some of the recaps alone are just as good as watching the episodes, especially as they provide the backstory or a brief analysis of a scene in context of story/character development. I prefer to wait until a series is complete before I watch it because nothing’s worse than having to wait for the next episode.

Romantic comedies are my favorite and next are tear-jerkers, but I can’t watch too many back-to-back because I wouldn’t be able to open my eyes the next day. Like Jay’s Potato Chips, you’ll find that you can’t just stop at one. Although nowadays you can watch a series while it’s going on, I’ve found it’s better to start after a series is all posted. The suspense can get quite brutal.

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