Behold the Starbucks January Tumbler—the Holy Grail of Creativity

Starbucks January 2017 Tumbler

Starbucks January 2017 Tumbler

One of the Christmas gifts HB received was the Starbucks January tumbler, which can be used to get a free grande brewed hot coffee or hot tea through the month of January. It’s the perfect gift for him because he likes his coffee black, and like most people, he depends on coffee to get him going in the morning and sometimes as a pick-me-up in the afternoon. Since he works downtown, there’s a Starbucks on every other block, so using the tumbler is no big deal, right?

This year, however, he’ll be working in various locations, which means it’s more effort to keep track of his tumbler and to make sure he’s maximizing his usage. And so, he has passed the Starbucks tumbler to me. He knows that I don’t like wasting things (almost to the point of it being an OCD), and I’ve just figured out a plan. Continue reading


Eating for Love

I just finished watching a Korean drama called Phoenix (Boorl Sae)—what an emotional roller coaster that was! In one scene, one of the secondary characters tells the other, “I know you love me because you eat whatever I leave on my plate—just like how my mother would eat my leftovers.”

I hadn’t thought about eating another’s leftovers as a way to show love, but more about not letting good food go to waste. Then I remember my grandmother who would say that each grain of rice left in our bowl was a day in our life. She would insist that we finish all our rice so we wouldn’t lose a day. I can imagine some Korean moms finishing off their children’s leftover rice for that reason. Continue reading