Recipe: My Trainer Alex’s pH Balancing Anti-Inflammatory Tonic

My awesome trainer, Alex, shared his pH balancing/anti-flammatory tonic recipe with me. Although he didn’t spell out the exact proportions, I decided to take the plunge, make it my own, and see what happens.

This tonic came at the perfect time. I was not only fighting an allergy/cold, but recovering from spraining my foot. (I was wrestling with the vacuum hose while cleaning the stairs, and the hose won.) As much as I was tempted to nurse my wounds and ill-health with a fruity martini, I opted to try Alex’s pH balancing tonic instead. Wow.

I think it helped me recover from my injury and illness sooner than expected. I also felt less congested after drinking the tonic. It helped break up the gunk in my respiratory system.  Continue reading


A New Reason (Excuse) to Eat More Apple and Pumpkin Pie?!

Today I read an interesting article on, “Spices, Herbs Boost Health for Diabetics,” about a research study conducted by the University of Georgia on how herbs and spices can work to help against tissue damage and inflammation. (The findings appear in a recent issue of the Journal of Medicinal Food.)

Some interesting snippets:

  • “In laboratory tests, the researchers found that many of the spices and extracts appeared to inhibit a process known as glycation, which has been linked to inflammation and tissue damage in diabetics.”
  • “The spices that seemed most likely to help diabetics included cloves, cinnamon (previously pegged as a possible blood-sugar reducer), allspice, apple pie spice and pumpkin pie spice…Top herbs included marjoram, sage and thyme.”

Sounds like a Happy Thanksgiving to me…

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