To Jump on the iPhone Bandwagon or Not?

This past weekend, HB and I went to our nearby mall with the Apple store, only to find a long line just to get into the store. It’s already more than a week since the iPhone 4S launch, but people are still lining up. Needless to say, we walked away very quickly. The prospect of lunch was more appealing than waiting for something that was probably going to be gone by the time it would be our turn in line.

For the longest time, I’d been yearning for an iPhone. What’s there not to like? The 8.0 megapixel built-in camera; the ever-entertaining and resourceful Siri, who can answer questions, help with scheduling, find restaurants, take dictation and send messages/texts for you, et al.; the fact that there’s an app for almost anything one’s heart desires; the integration with iTunes, iPad, Mac computers; and more. Plus, if I get an iPhone I’d be supporting my stock investment, and that’s a good thing, right?

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When 40% Off Means Nothing (and Other Shopping Pet Peeves)

I have a love-hate relationship with shopping. I love when I find something I really like and it turns out to be on sale. However, when I go to a store to take advantage of an advertised sale, more often than not I find nothing, or get too overwhelmed by the masses or the messes left by the masses, that I leave empty-handed.

This got me thinking about some of my other shopping pet peeves:

The Faux Sale. I love a bargain like anyone. But when I get emails to 40% off every day, it really backfires. Continue reading

Confession Wednesday: There’s a Hole in My Pocket, Dear Liza

What many people don’t know about me is that I’m a manic horder/spender. I go through spells of saving every penny I can, and then suddenly I say, “Mama wants to play.”

After much burning and yearning, I’ve decided that it’s time to make the plunge.

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Battling the Bulge Over the Holidays

I surprised myself when I stepped on the scale the other day to find that I didn’t gain any weight—a miracle, especially with Thanksgiving and not going to the gym last week.

In the past I would have eaten seconds and possibly thirds, but this year, I was barely able to finish my first—not because the food wasn’t good (on the contrary, it was very good—according to the hard-to-please Korean mamas), but because I had been noshing pretty much the whole day—tasting a bit of this and that and eating quite a bit of raw veggies, which was unusual for me. I’d also been drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee, which I’m sure had a hand in appetite suppression. (I needed to keep awake as I prepared a meal for 24.) I was doing a lot of moving as I shopped, cooked, cleaned, and set the stage for the big feast. By the end of Thanksgiving evening, I could barely budge because I was so tired and sore.

We also had had an impressive array of dessert provided by my younger sister, Julia. She brought a cranberry cream cheese pie from Hoosier Mama and a strawberries and cream cake and lemon squares from Swedish Bakery. My weakness is sweets and comfort carbs like stuffing and sweet potatoes. Although I ate well enough of leftovers to hibernate for the rest of the winter, the damage wasn’t bad at all.

I learned from my Zumba instructor that the average person gains between 10 to 15 pounds over the holidays. She recommended that we walk on the treadmill for at least thirty minutes after the class to make sure we avoid being among the gainers. It made me think about other strategies as well.

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Confessions Tuesday #4: Informercial Junkie

It’s a good thing I don’t watch much TV because it can get dangerous. However, I do have to be careful of “second-hand TV” when I inadvertently get sucked into watching a program and its commercials because HB and/or the Princess is watching their show and controlling the remote.

This past Sunday, I realized that my family and I are all hardwired to fall prey to “As Seen on TV” products. Thank goodness we don’t have cable and its many home shopping networks because the ticking numbers of how many left or sold are sure to reel us in. Continue reading

Ingredients to Watch Out For in Cosmetics

I’m slowly catching up on my newspaper readings. Although most people would toss the Sunday paper within a couple of days of getting it, I generally like to make sure I skim through the contents in case I happen to run across a food review, recipe, or an article that might inspire/teach me something new. The downside is the clutter, but all that can be relatively managed by a more dedicated effort to go through the papers more promptly. (Note to self…)

Most of us have the common sense to avoid what makes us sick. But do we do the same when in comes to cosmetics? Unless you have allergies to certain ingredients, chances are you don’t read labels. Better start reading them because it can make a world of difference to your skin health.

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Baldness In the Forecast?

HB regularly reminds me that I’ll grow bald if I enjoy free things too much. He claims that it’s a Korean saying/superstition, but I didn’t hear about it until I married him, so I think it’s only relevant to that part of town he’s from.

But just in case he’s right, I’ve figured out a way to work around the “free” issue. If I spend a little something at the store, it’s no longer “free”—just discounted, right?

I confess that it’s hard for me to say “no” to free samples. Continue reading