Life Lessons

I feel like an old soul in a not-quite middle-aged body. Over the years, I’ve noticed certain patterns in my life. Here are some lessons I’d like to share:

Don’t be too quick to judge. So many times I’ve found myself jumping to conclusions based on appearances, wishful thinking, or what I think is instinct but isn’t. It’s important to take a step back and try to view things neutrally—without imposing one’s will/desire. My dad, the psychiatrist, says, “There are no friends or enemies. Just teachers.”

Nothing is a waste. Living and learning is an iterative process. It’s what you choose to do with the knowledge/experience that makes a difference. Some people like to spend a good chunk of their lives blaming others or themselves for things that happened in the past—things that they cannot change. It’s important to live in the present and to challenge oneself to experience and learn as much possible. Keep on keeping on.

Life is full of choices. We need to set priorities and make time for things that are important to us. In truth, we are not all guaranteed to live to a ripe old age. It’s very easy to take time and one’s life for granted. Don’t use “not enough money” and “not enough time” as an excuse to not do something. The real question is, how important is this to me now vs. in the big scheme of things. And also, am I willing to make the necessary sacrifices and live with the choices I’ve made? Opportunities cost. We can’t expect things to come according to our terms, even though we’d like them to.

A thankful heart is a happy heart. Something I learned from The Princess’s Veggie Tales DVD, Madame Blueberry. Don’t depend on material things to make you happy. Be thankful for what you have.

Be mindful of your words. Words have so much power that people take for granted. Watch what you say/write. Good or bad, they can manifest themselves.

What is most important in life?—Love and good health. There is no substitute.

(Last updated 12/13/17)


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