Recipe: My Trainer Alex’s pH Balancing Anti-Inflammatory Tonic

My awesome trainer, Alex, shared his pH balancing/anti-flammatory tonic recipe with me. Although he didn’t spell out the exact proportions, I decided to take the plunge, make it my own, and see what happens.

This tonic came at the perfect time. I was not only fighting an allergy/cold, but recovering from spraining my foot. (I was wrestling with the vacuum hose while cleaning the stairs, and the hose won.) As much as I was tempted to nurse my wounds and ill-health with a fruity martini, I opted to try Alex’s pH balancing tonic instead. Wow.

I think it helped me recover from my injury and illness sooner than expected. I also felt less congested after drinking the tonic. It helped break up the gunk in my respiratory system. 

Without going into too much detail on the science behind using acids to raise your blood pH and reducing inflammation (there are books/websites for that), I will say that—placebo-effect or not—I do feel better after drinking it. It feels like my insides are warmed up without the throat-tightening coughing that comes with drinking strong booze.

Anyway, I highly recommend this tonic after a night of overindulgence. It’s also great to have if you’re hurt/achy or feeling sick.

Recipe: Alex’s pH Balancing/Anti-Inflammatory Tonic
Ginger (fresh—I grated about a fingertip amount; or ground—1 tsp)
Freshly-squeezed lemon juice (1 lemon)
Apple cider vinegar (organic, unfiltered)—2 tbs
Cayenne pepper—about 1 tsp
Warm water (just before boiling)—about 1.5–2 cups
Raw honey (smidge)

Combine all ingredients listed above. Drink up, and think healing thoughts.

Note: Feel free to adjust proportions according to taste. However, don’t be afraid of the ACV. It’s good for you.


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