Meanie Mommy’s Summer Enrichment Plan for 2016

The Princess’s last day of school has arrived. This year I’ve decided to not go crazy with scheduling as many activities as in previous years. In fact, now that the Princess is entering (drum roll)…eighth grade…she is old enough to figure out how to fill up her free time. I’ll present a menu of options as well as some rules and requirements because I know a little structure here and there helps.

Some things are non-negotiable. She still has to participate in the activities which she’s signed up for. She still has to work on daily math and reading comprehension workbooks/worksheets and read a minimum of 30 minutes per day. The last thing I want is for her to lose everything she’s worked hard for. Already I notice how the lax schedule of the last two weeks or so of school has affected her. Time to crack the whip.

Her teacher was gracious enough to give me next year’s syllabus for social studies and science so I can introduce her/draw attention to some of the concepts which might relate to what she’ll be learning. All I can say is, she’ll be learning much more than I did at her age. (Examples: genocide/social injustice, chemistry, physics) It’s very likely I’ll be learning alongside her, too.

What’s set so far:
Summer school (CSI, math, coding for apps, triple threat—dancing, acting, singing)
Korean dance and drumming lessons
Voice lessons
Summer Reading Program (via public library)
Daily workbook exercises (math, reading comprehension)

Still debating on: (to do one or more)
Dance (Zumba /WerQ at my health club?)
Swimming (community pool, my health club?)

Other ad hoc activities might include field trips around the area. We have beaches, botanic gardens, trips into the city for museum/site-seeing, outlet shopping, mini-golf, amusement park, water park. However, this can get quite expensive, so I should reserve some of these activities as prizes for completing her requirements without drama. I know she loves baking so I’ll be sure to include that as well.

This year we’ll also be sending her to a sleepaway fine arts camp for a couple of weeks (11 days). [Gulp!] Although I’m terrified about how she’ll manage with her dairy and nut allergies, I know she has to learn to advocate for herself and learn to make her own place in the world. Camp will be a good test trial and a chance to experience life away from Mom and Dad (and be away from her electronic devices, too).

As tempting as it was for me to rent a place in Michigan for a couple of weeks to be closer to her—just in case—I realized that at some point I will have to let her go, let her do her own thing, be her own person, make her own mistakes, and learn from them. This summer promises to be a learning experience for myself as well.

My baby’s growing up! :-O


2 thoughts on “Meanie Mommy’s Summer Enrichment Plan for 2016

  1. It’s easier with one, that’s for sure. Plus, I have nudges from folks who ask “What is she doing during the summer?” Heaven forbid if I’m a slacker with only one to account for. 😳

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