Back to School, Back to Reality

Yes, I’ve been remiss in writing my blog. Now that my daughter is back in school, I don’t have any more excuses. This is not to say that it’s my daughter’s fault that I haven’t written. I’ve just found it convenient to let life and all its bits—both great and small—take over.

So what’s been happening the last six months or so (aside from the dust bunnies and cobwebs gathering around my writing space)?

I’ve been doing the mom-thing: driving my daughter to all her summer activities (summer school, lessons, meet-ups), overseeing her summer enrichment (making sure she does her workbooks, read at least a half hour each day, interact with people vs. be glued to her electronic devices all day). Then there’s knocking out the freelance work that comes my way and reading whenever I can.

I’ve been artfully avoiding stock trading/tracking, but know that I should face the music and salvage what I can. Another way to look at things—I should look at the market correction as an opportunity to pick up some stocks on sale. (Now if only I’d sold some more positions before going on vacation mid/late July, I’d have had more to play with.)

Over the past month, I’ve made a shift in my physical activities and diet. I’m now religiously meeting my minimum 10k steps per day on my Fitbit, working with a trainer once a week, and going to my gym at least 2-3 times/week for Zumba and Group Groove. In the evenings I walk after dinner and not let the dirty dishes be an excuse to not move. In the last month, I’ve eaten more vegetables than I have since goodness-knows-how-long and have been working on limiting grains to one meal per day. Results—I am now five pounds away from my premarital weight and have more energy than before. Woo-hoo! I still have some ways to go to reach my ideal weight, but let’s celebrate the small victories while we can.

Now that school is back in session, here’s The Plan:

  • Use Blogadays as a springboard to get back to writing. (Blogadays is my friend April’s idea—write a blog post each day for the month of ______ [30-day month]). September is almost here. Let Blogadays begin!
  • Figure out ways to incorporate more vegetables into my family’s diet and work on weaning them off processed foods.
  • Reassess and rebalance my portfolio.
  • Get rid of items that no longer bring joy. (Yes, this packrat is learning to let go via the Konmari Method.)
  • Live with intention. Make time for people and activities that matter to me.

Wish me luck.


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