Grandma Lee Says “Put Your Best Foot Forward”

While I was growing up, my mom [whom I refer to as Grandma Lee] always insisted that we “put our best foot forward”—that is, look our best before we leave the house. She claims that every time she goes out of the house wearing something unflattering or looking just thrown together, she ends up running into someone she knows or enters a situation where she wishes she had put some effort in her appearance.

Anyway, her words hit home today.

I went to my yoga class wearing a t-shirt I’d had since the late 90’s and my well-worn yoga pants. I didn’t brush my hair or put on make-up. (Did I even wash my face? I don’t remember.) I figured I’d be sweaty and messy by the end of class, so why bother?

Just as class was about to start, the health club manager announces that a videographer would be filming part of our class for the club’s new promo video. Gulp.

We are assured that it would be a simple pan of the room; no focusing on individuals per se.

Yeah, right.

As much as I tried to be invisible, wouldn’t you know, I felt as though the videographer spent a healthy chunk of time filming little ol’ me, the token Asian and symbol of diversity. I could almost hear Grandma Lee say “I told you so.”

Does this mean the next time I go to class, I’ll be decked out in Lululemon, coiffed, and made up? Not likely. But I’ll at least make sure to brush my hair and wash my face before class.

(OK, and I’ll make sure my exercise garb is a bit more flattering and up-to-date.)


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