Early Morning Wake-up Call

This morning at 5 a.m., I was rudely awakened by the phone ringing from another room. I stubbed my toe and banged my hip in an effort to get to it before the caller hung up. Tempted though I was to let him/her go to hell the answering machine, I sensed that a person who would call someone at 5 a.m. without blinking an eye, would never leave a message. Despite all the technology available to me—caller ID, simul-ring, call-forwarding, et al.—the call was gone and the name of the nefarious caller was “not available.” Grrrr.

Now I’m wide awake wondering about the call and caller that never came through and debating whether or not I should go back to bed. I’ve opted to stay awake for fear of not being able to wake up on time for my regularly scheduled Mom duties. So here I am, bleary-eyed and bitter, bumbling through another blog post.

I guess it wasn’t an emergency because the caller didn’t try calling again. It’s got me thinking…

Time to get rid of the landline. We rarely get calls on it, and no one really wants to answer it. Most of the time a solicitor would call on that line. People who really want to reach us know to call our mobile phones.

Too bad people can withhold their name/number on caller ID. I would love to get back at this rude caller by ringing at an inopportune time. But first I’d have to learn his/her sleep schedule.

Maybe the call was actually from the Universe. Before falling asleep, I was thinking I needed to make sure I got up early enough the next day because the Princess’s piano lesson was moved up—which meant I needed to pack lunch and get her ready a bit earlier, too. Somehow I must have psychically triggered the phone to ring at 5 a.m. so as not to be late. Riiiiiight.

Anyway, despite whatever else that might be on my mind or on the tip of my tongue, I ought to be grateful that I’m able to wake up. And so starts another crazy, harried day.


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