Becoming a Better Me (Take 3)

I had New Year’s and Lunar New Year to get started on becoming a new and improved me. Thankfully, I now have “Take 3” with Lent, the first day being today, Ash Wednesday, to start again.

(Side note: I consider myself “Catholic adjacent.” Though raised and confirmed as Catholic and having been educated in the Catholic school system for eight years, I haven’t been a good practitioner.)

Anyway, this is the first time in a long time that I’d thought about giving up something for Lent. I’ve decided to give up… sugary treats/desserts/drinks.

I confess I am addicted to sugar. I find myself ending each meal with something sweet out of habit. In fact, when I go to restaurants, I often think about dessert first. When I’m stressed or upset, I turn to sweets for comfort. I have my emergency stashes throughout the house just in case a disaster should strike. In fact, as I write I notice the three boxes of girl scout cookies just within arm’s reach. Winking at me—beckoning and taunting me.

So, to improve my chances of success, I’ve also given up coffee. I drink coffee because I love the vanilla creamer. So, unless I’m able to drink it black, I’ll avoid it altogether. Gulp!

Here’s the kicker: my birthday and anniversary is in March. I suppose if I were hardcore, I’d make no exceptions. But it’s a decader for both—a very special year. On top of that, I have two birthdays—one is my legal, the other is the actual date of birth. (A long story.) However, I’ve decided that allowances would be made for one birthday and one anniversary dinner. To compensate, I’ve also decided that for each day missed, I’d add another sugary-treat-free week. That should be fair, right? 😉

But what happens if HB decides to take my hint for a trip to Italy as birthday/anniversary gift? I guess I may have to be treat-free for a quite some time. Then again, it would be so worth it though. Sigh.


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