Holiday Denial

The calendar is not my friend. How is it that I have less than two weeks before Christmas and none very little of my holiday shopping, not to mention the other shtuff linked with the holidays, done? (Gulp!)

At this point, I should be curled up in fetal position and sucking my thumb. Instead, I’m like Dorrie from Finding Nemo repeating to myself, “Just keep swimming, swimming…”

Last day of school for the year is this Friday, which means I need to get gifts and write thank you cards for the Princess’s teachers, and she has many. Each time I make up my mind to go shopping, something conveniently comes up that keeps me from going. I suppose the worst-case scenario would be my rushing out to the nearby grocery store Friday morning before school and madly picking out gift cards.

God, I hope it won’t be that way. I’ll make sure I’ll go Thursday evening instead. ;-P

The Princess’s birthday is in ten days, which means I need to send out her invitations ASAP if she hopes to have anybody come. (Bad Mommy for procrastinating!) OK, maybe I am passive-aggressively trying to keep the number of attendees small since I’m hosting it at home. I also think she prefers the intimacy of a smaller group vs. the chaos of a bigger one.

Then there’s Christmas shopping for both sets of families and planning for Christmas Eve/Day dinner. I’m leaning towards a potluck on Christmas Eve, supplemented by ordering sushi and/or Buffalo Wild Wings (sauces on the side), which oddly enough is a good combination. Or perhaps I should put out a request to meet at a Chinese or Korean restaurant for dinner and just have everyone meet at our house afterwards for dessert, gift exchange, and Christmas carols—that way, there’s minimal clean-up/set-up.

Earlier today HB asked me about our annual Holiday newsletter. With Facebook, it almost seems redundant, but the newsletter does help us keep in touch with the anti-social media folks that we know and love.

Oh, well. If I can’t get to it by Christmas, I can always aim to get it done by New Year’s, right? (New Year’s as in January 1, not Lunar New Year, January 23—tempting though it may be.)


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