Off the Wagon

I’d like to say that I was preoccupied with purging my home of unnecessary and unwanted things, but alas, no. The shtuff is still here. (I did manage to do quite a bit of cleaning, though not what was originally planned.)

I’d like to say I was imposing a technology-free weekend on myself, but I’d be lying. (It is, however, a plan of mine to do it one of these days—though not during a Blogadays month.)

The truth is I was busy with family stuff and dealing with writer’s block very poorly—avoiding writing altogether. Guilt is setting in after nearly three days of non-blogging, so I figured I should at least jot down a few things that I did or thought about and that I could write about later…

Nothing like inviting people over to force oneself to clean up common areas quickly. I managed to vacuum the entire downstairs, do mountains of dishwashing, and wipe down surfaces with Windex and/or antiseptic cleaning wipes in preparation for houseguests this past Saturday. Urgency equals emergency and a realization that cleaning really isn’t as big of a deal as I sometimes make it in my mind. Just need to give myself a time limit and do it.

Surprise, surprise—Rockford has a neat Japanese garden. My sister, Julia, told me about Anderson Garden and suggested that we check it out. I enjoyed the peaceful gardens, beautifully manicured trees, man-made waterfalls, footbridges, and meditation paths. At certain points, one could easily imagine being in Japan vs. a small town in northwest Illinois. Will post pictures soon.

King Spa—I got an Aroma Gold Massage/Bodyscrub at King Spa, a Korean-style sauna and bath house. What a great way to slough off dead skin, old soap scum, deep-down dirt, and what-have-you. By the end of the session, my skin was sparkly clean and oh-so-silky-smooth-and-soft. I think I need to do this at least once a quarter. Hoping for another Groupon in the near future.

No pets under my roof. No matter how much begging and pleading from my child, I resolve never to cave in, let alone give her any false hopes. She’s welcome to have pets after college, once she’s living on her own and able to support herself. Wicked and heartless mom, that I am.

Must travel with booting bucket on long car rides. It is a bad idea for me to sit in the third row/back of moving vehicle, especially when roads are bumpy, curvy, and/or vehicle is in stop and go traffic. As I am getting older, I am more prone to car-sickness. I wonder if my days of riding rollercoasters are over?

Loving K-drama Scent of a Woman. Kim Sunah is one of my favorite Korean actors. This drama isn’t complete yet, but so far I’ve been crying buckets these past few episodes. I believe there are two more left and then the season is over. (Sigh.) Anyway, I plan on writing a more detailed review later.

Watched SIL make moorl (water) kimchee. Turns out making this kind of kimchee is easier than it sounds. What I like about moorl kimchee is that it’s non-spicy and a welcome contrast to other panchan on a typical Korean table. Will post recipe soon.


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