The Urge To Purge

At Zumba this past Wednesday, a woman gave the instructor some magazine clippings. They must have had something controversial about exercise or dieting because the instructor asked, “When were these articles published?”

Turns out they were from 1991.

So the instructor said to the woman, “I appreciate that you took the time to clip these articles for me, but do you realize that they’re twenty years old? You don’t need to keep things like these. Take all those old magazines to the recycling center. You’ll feel so much lighter and freer…”

Although there’s no love lost between me and this woman (who likes to encroach on my personal space during class and butt into my conversations with others), I felt sorry for her as I watched her ears turn bright red as she tried to justify why she kept these old magazines. But eventually she agreed with the instructor that perhaps it was a good idea to go through her things.

I might not have any magazines from 1991, but truth be told, I could be on the same path with my piles of old newspapers, magazines, and coupons in my office and upstairs. Yipes!

Another message from the Universe came to me yesterday in the form of a postcard announcing the opening of a Goodwill Store just down the street. The fact that it’s right next door to the grocery store that I often go to, makes it even easier for me to drop things off.

This also got me thinking about an article I read some time ago about a woman who had spent a weekend getting rid of a lot of old things from her house and the changes it brought about in her life almost instantly. She began losing the weight that didn’t seem to come off no matter how hard she tried to diet and exercise. And then money started coming.

Whether or not the story is true or an urban myth, I decided that perhaps I should do an experiment. Although the idea of losing weight and making money is great, my main reason for this experiment is to intervene before my clutter gets out of control.

So, unless HB decides on a last-minute Labor Day getaway, I think I will spend a good portion of this weekend sorting and deciding on what to keep, donate, trash, or fix.

Clothes. I should ask my fashionable sister to give me some tough-love as I go through my wardrobe. This is where I am guilty of having some items from the 90s—with price tags still attached, too.

Papers. I can readily toss tons of papers, magazines, and newspapers. HB reminded me that I have no reason to hold onto the bills and statements from my single days. The church that I sometimes go to has a special paper recycling dumpster that they can raise money from recyclable paper donated by parishioners and passersby. I can help them as I help myself.

Unused/unwanted household items. I am giving myself permission to get rid of the shtuff that I haven’t had the heart to toss. I needn’t feel guilty saying goodbye to ugly, useless, dust-collecting, space-hogging things.

My goal—to fill up enough garbage bags and boxes to fill my car. The new Goodwill store will be accepting donations starting the 16th of this month. I’ll have a couple of weeks to work on this. And the Princess will resume Sunday School on the 11th so I can get rid of some papers at that time.

I’ll report back on the changes (if any). Wish me luck!


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