Confession Wednesday: There’s a Hole in My Pocket, Dear Liza

What many people don’t know about me is that I’m a manic horder/spender. I go through spells of saving every penny I can, and then suddenly I say, “Mama wants to play.”

After much burning and yearning, I’ve decided that it’s time to make the plunge.

Having grown tired of waiting for $AAPL to go down, I bought some of their stock today. (Gulp!)

Granted, it’ll probably be a while before I see any significant returns on my investment; any time I purchase a stock, it’ll go down for a bit before going back up. But I feel optimistic, especially in light of all that’s happening at the company. Even the experts forecast a one-year target estimate of $448 which is nearly $100 more than what it’s trading at right now, so I can’t allow myself to feel too bad. And besides, the potential growth alone would exceed whatever I might earn from letting the money sit in my savings account, which is currently earning less than 1% interest.

Blame It on Tory Burch. The trouble started this past weekend, when I actually followed through with my impulse to buy a Tory Burch bag that I had been eyeing for some months. Thankfully it wasn’t my own money—I just used the Nordstrom gift cards that I’d been saving for a while. The downside is that icky buyer’s remorse. I’m thinking maybe I should have spent the gift cards on something else, such as end-of-school-year gifts for the Princess’s teachers.

Oh, well.

Despite my complaints, I am secretly proud of myself. I think of this purchase as a reward for all the hard work I’d done so far this year. And besides, where’s the fun in all work and no play?

Now at least with owning shares of $AAPL, I don’t have to feel guilty when I do decide to get the next iPhone, iPad, or MacBook Pro. I’ll just be supporting the company of which I happen to own a very small part.

Nevertheless, I can only hope that this purchase will seal up that hole in my pocket for a while.


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