Another Look at Bad Boy Rain (비/Bi)

Yesterday after my Zumba class, I asked my instructor about one of the songs that we regularly danced to. I was curious because I recognized some Korean phrases in this tango song, such as “I’m a bad guy” and “I love you,” which I thought was rather unusual when most of the songs were in Spanish. Turns out it is a Korean pop song called “Bad Guy” (Tango Ver.) by Rain (Bi). She had gotten the song from one of her fellow Zumba instructors who teaches throughout Asia.

I had heard of Rain before. Apparently a lot of ajummas (cougars) are especially mad for him in Korea and around the world (not me, though—I swear!). Although he has a fine body—complete with choco-abs and nice arms—his baby face, feminine features/hair, and lisp just doesn’t do it for me. I saw him in a Korean drama, Full House, and was really annoyed with his character. Every time he’d primp his dimples in front of the camera, I wanted to punch the screen. Instead, I’d mutter to myself, “Oh, please. You are not that hot.”

As for American films, he’s in Speed Racer as Taejo Togokhan, the son of the owner of Togokhan Racing who has evidence against Royalton Racing and agrees to help out the authorities if they agree to help him win the Monte Cristo. He’s also in Ninja Assassin as the main character, Raizo, who teams up with an Europol investigator to uncover which ninja clan has been killing off her fellow agents, as well as to avenge the death of his adoptive Ozunu clan, who raised him to be a ninja (from IMDb).

Anyway, up until yesterday I didn’t know that the tango song that we did was by Rain. I did further research and saw that he and my favorite Korean drama actress, Kim Sun Ah, did a tango performance of “Bad Guy” (Tango Ver.) in one of his concerts.

It made me see that he has his charms on stage, and he’s a very good dancer. I read a bit of his bio and learned about his living in poverty and his struggles in order to get where he is now.

Apparently, his mom died of complications from diabetes a year before his debut, and in interviews he says he regrets having had conflict with her over skipping school to go to dance practice. In addition, he has a ritual before each new project where he makes sure he visits her grave to get her blessings. I also read about his charitable efforts, which was quite impressive.

So, despite all the “Bad Guy” versions on his albums, and his music videos and movies featuring him as a bad ass, he’s really a little boy—actually a pretty good little boy. So, I guess you can say he’s softened me up a little. Just like how Justin Timberlake softened me up a little after I saw him in SNL’s “D*ck in a Box.” (In JT’s case, I liked the fact he could laugh at himself/his public persona.)

Anyway, “Bad Guy” (Tango Ver.)/Rain was another reminder for me not to be so quick to judge.


2 thoughts on “Another Look at Bad Boy Rain (비/Bi)

  1. nuh uh! i heard he was prank called on a radio show in korea and heard that he was bragging about sleeping with some random girl the night before….bad boy Hhahahaha

  2. I get a sense that he’s all about image of being the “bad boy” (“they’re the ones that get the chicks” says HB). But he probably has no time or energy for them.

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