Confessions Tuesday #3: Creepy Mommy

I love horror movies—not so much the slasher kinds, but the supernatural, house-haunting, demon-possession, and/or the eschatological ones. My other fascination is with the macabre—flesh-eaters, cadavers coming back to life, nature going out of control and whipping the crap out of mankind. This often comes as quite a shock to a number of people who associate me as simply being a peace-loving, artsy-craftsy, food aficionado.

I love getting creeped out. In fact in junior high, my friends and I would often have parties where we’d gather at each others’ houses to watch scary movies on cable such as Christine, Halloween 3, Cujo, Creep Show, and Pet Cemetery. If we were having a sleepover, we’d do “Bloody Mary,” “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board,” and tell each other ghost stories through the wee hours.

The funny thing was that I went to Catholic school from 2nd to 8th grade. Perhaps this was my form of “rebellion”—to test and see if there was indeed such a powerful Dark Force that could be battled with one’s faith. One of the craziest dreams I had was doing an exorcism on a vacuum cleaner and getting rid of freckles that appeared on my face by saying the Lord’s Prayer.

I also remember telling ghost stories in the basement of a Korean Catholic Church to a group of younger kids who tagged along with my friends and me. While I’d tell the stories, my friends would play with the light switches, make creepy noises in the background, and jump out from dark corners. For a church picnic, I remember taking the head off one of my dolls and painting the base of it with red nail polish to create a decapitated baby to use for a “haunted forest.” Unfortunately, nature wasn’t very cooperative—the forest was young and pretty sparse, and the weather, though overcast, wasn’t nearly brooding enough.

In high school I had a different set of friends. (I went to a public school in different school district from my grade school friends.) The idea of running into Captain Howdy (the evil spirit in The Exorcist that led to Regan’s possession) didn’t stop my friends and me from trying the ouija board. However, a creepy experience in my parents’ basement where the room got cold and the candle lights flickered out did make us stop.

Interestingly enough, I noticed that the Princess is intrigued with the creepies, too. One of her favorite poems is “In a Dark, Dark Room,” and one of her favorite Charlie and Lola episodes features Lola trying to scare her older brother Charlie. Lola learns that the secret to scaring someone is setting the mood (building up tension and suspense) and timing the “boo” just when the person least expects it.

I am still fascinated about the supernatural and generally try to catch the movies on Netflix. Rest assured, as a parent I don’t have any plans to scare my daughter or her friends. I do have a conscience after all. ;-P

Here are a list of some of my favorites horror movies/shows:
The Omen (the original with Gregory Peck, not the remake)
Ghost Story
Friday the 13th (the TV series—not the one with Jason)
Sixth Sense
The Exorcist
The Seventh Sign
Final Destination
The Craft
Rosemary’s Baby
Amityville Horror
Lost Boys
Fright Night


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