Baldness In the Forecast?

HB regularly reminds me that I’ll grow bald if I enjoy free things too much. He claims that it’s a Korean saying/superstition, but I didn’t hear about it until I married him, so I think it’s only relevant to that part of town he’s from.

But just in case he’s right, I’ve figured out a way to work around the “free” issue. If I spend a little something at the store, it’s no longer “free”—just discounted, right?

I confess that it’s hard for me to say “no” to free samples. In theory, I probably don’t need to shop for shampoos, conditioners, soaps, cleansers, or lotions for the next year or so, especially with all the trial packs that I’ve amassed between hotels and people behind cosmetics counters who want my business. But like a squirrel, I keep collecting and hoarding because it’s my natural inclination to do so. The samples will come into good use—for traveling, for house guests, or for when the Princess is bored and want to play “chemist” and mix up various potions and elixirs.

I’m also a sucker for gift vouchers for cash values of $10 and up. For instance, the other day I used my $10 gift voucher from World Market in honor of my birthday which was last month. I got myself a couple of boxes of tea (a masala chai tea and a pomegranate white tea) and also a box of red velvet cake and frosting mix to try out (loved the fact it was dairy-free). It was like World Market giving me cake and tea for my birthday—how thoughtful of them.

Last Thursday, I used a $50 gift card that I got free from Neiman Marcus. I was tempted to put it toward a pair of sexy Tory Burch wedge sandals, but decided to get hair product that’s supposed to promote scalp health and help thicken/strengthen my hair instead. What sold me was the Phyto rep showing me a closeup of my scalp and hair shaft on a monitor and pointing out the areas that were thinning and the residues left behind by my current shampoo and conditioner. (I, who can watch surgery on TV without batting an eye, was grossed out by the closeups.) Even though I have plenty of thick hair, I think HB’s words have filtered into my consciousness. Silly, I know.

So, does anyone know the story behind why liking free things causes baldness? Or was it made up by some Korean mamas who wanted to discourage their kids from making embarrassing scenes at the marketplace?


One thought on “Baldness In the Forecast?

  1. If my wife went bald enjoying free things too much, I’d be totally okay with that. Instead, I’m going bald from her enjoying expensive things too much.

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