Confessions Tuesday #1: What I Really Listen to on the Radio

One of the happiest days in my life was when the Princess no longer mandated that we listen to her kiddie music in the car. Granted, my car has a 6-CD changer, so if I set it on random shuffle there’s a good chance that I might be “surprised” at the song that might come on. But within the week I’d hear a number of songs more than once (not unlike listening to Top 40 on the radio, I suppose), which over time can get maddening—especially if the song stays in your head.

You would never know from the way I look and dress that I listen to the Spanish music station (even though I hardly understand a word). I also switch to the country music station and to hip-hop/dance when the DJ chatter/ads gets too tiresome.

Spanish Music. I love the grand love ballads with the rousing orchestral backgrounds. I notice that there’s a similarity among the arrangements/melodies in the Spanish, Korean, and the ’80s power love ballads. I’m also picking up on some Spanish; I recognize certain words—”mi corazon” (my heart), “amore” (love), “loco” (crazy), “fuego” (fire), “te quiero” (I love you). I’m sure the same could be said on the commonly used Korean words/phrases in their love ballads, “Sarang-hae” (I love you), “sang-cho” (hurt/wound), “Me ahn heh” (I’m sorry),” “noon-moohrl” (tears), and more. One of these days I hope to actually learn Spanish.

Country. I enjoy listening to country every now and then for a song that makes me tear up (like Emily West’s “Blue Sky” or Martina McBride’s “In My Daughter’s Eyes”), laugh (like Luke Bryan’s “Rain is a Good Thing”), or simply puts me in a good mood (anything Taylor Swift). Country music’s charm is definitely in the lyrics, and the melodies can be quite catchy, too. I often find myself humming a tune while doing the dishes or shopping in the grocery store.

Dance/Hip-Hop. I often have to reserve this for when I’m driving alone because I don’t want the Princess to be repeating some of the lyrics out of context. But every now and then I get a kick out of hearing her sing along to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and have to leave the song on. Anyway, I figure it’s good practice to know what the younguns listen to so I can figure out what they’re saying. I also like the uptempo music that I dance to in Zumba and I occasionally hear those songs on the Spanish and the Dance/Hip-Hop stations.

I also have this fantasy of breaking out into a dance routine in a public place and people spontaneously joining me in the routine a la Antwerp train station, where a whole bunch of people broke out into dancing to Sound of Music’s “Do-Re-Mi.” The song I would be most likely dancie to would be Pitbull’s “Krazy,” “The Anthem,” or “Fuego” and it would most likely to happen in Miami (where Zumba was started) or possibly in Cambridge with my friend, Daniel, who often breaks into dance in the middle of the sidewalk if he happens to hear a song that moves him. But really, I think this would only happen in my mind.

Love FM is a compromise station for me and HB. I’m not into classic rock, which he likes. (It brings back bad memories of high school freshman year art class when I was regularly heckled by a senior guy—classic rock was the music that was always playing in the background.) And I certainly wouldn’t subject HB to the dance/hip-hop “noise.” So, love it is.

I often tease HB on his secret penchant for Christian rock, as often when he flips through the stations, he lingers on a song that’s playing on K-PAX (a Christian radio station). When I jokingly point out, “You know, you’re listening to K-PAX,” he quickly changes to classic rock, jazz, or NPR,  But I know that deep inside he’s itching to get back to K-PAX.

So what do you listen to, and does it jive with your image?


One thought on “Confessions Tuesday #1: What I Really Listen to on the Radio

  1. Dan marveled at having been “tricked” into listening to Christian rock stations as we made our cross-country move. He’d flip through channels and come across something that sounded kind of rock-y but a little “off” from the usual… and then the chorus would sound with a lyric like “Can I be the kind of man He wants me to be”, and he would be like, “Oh, come on! Again? Tricked again?” 🙂 Funny post.

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