Toying with Dietary Changes

Yesterday at Whole Foods I bought this small bag of 100% Organic GoRaw Super Cookies on a whim. It’s made of unsulphured coconut, sesame seeds, and dates, and it was “raw”/”all live” (dried under 105 degrees). I was surprised how tasty it was. And I thought to myself, could I survive a month just eating raw foods? And what kind of changes could happen?

Then I laughed at the lunacy of it. I have a hard enough time eating salads as it is. And to give up meat and bread (my ultimate weakness)—I might as well put myself in a wooden box and seal it shut. But in reading about the benefits—more alertness/focus, energy, weight loss. Very tempting.

Some people succeed in making changes by going cold turkey. I’m proud of HB, who gave up smoking and caffeine just like that and hasn’t fallen off the wagon.

I, on the other hand, can’t take such draconian measures, especially when it comes to food. I think I managed to go one year as a vegetarian, and then I spent the next year making up for lost meat-eating opportunities. I also managed to give up caffeine while pregnant, but barely.

It’ll be even harder for me as I know I can’t impose my new raw food agenda to the family—the Princess is allergic to nuts (although thankfully her nut allergy isn’t so bad that we can’t have any in the house). I’ll still have to prepare tasty meat dishes and whatnot for the family, but just not participating in the feast. All the name of better health (weight loss), right?

One thing’s for sure—I would definitely have better success by incorporating gradual changes, break things into phases, such as

  • fruit/veggie smoothie for one meal (must start looking into recipe suggestions)
  • wean off meat—start off by having no more than a deck of cards amount per day, then reduce to once a week, once a month, ??? (how will I live without sushi?)
  • cut out processed foods—start by limiting to once a day, once every other day, once a week, once every other week, once a month, ???

I’ll also need to a lot of reading up on what foods I could prepare for myself. A couple of years ago, I heard about Ani Phyo, a Korean-American raw food author. Just visiting her blog, I learned she has a new book coming out called Ani’s Raw Food Essentials. Definitely worth checking out. In the meantime I’ll try out the recipes she already has on her blog and see what I can find in the library.

Ultimately, I think I’ll follow my instinct and one of my favorite yoga teachers’ advice—do what feels good to you, while not harming others.


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