February: Cooking/Food Notes

Why hasn’t Mama Sophia been writing in her blog? some of you might have been wondering. Because she was way too busy finding distractions and making up excuses not to write. (Bad girl!)

However, all is not lost. I did learn a few new tricks in the kitchen as well as find some new food products for the Princess to enjoy, which is always a treat since she’s such a picky eater.

What I learned in February…

The proper way to fry an egg. What cook doesn’t know how to fry an egg? I’m embarrassed to admit that the way I was doing it for the longest time was wrong. Anyway, I learned from the ION Life Channel that to fry an egg, one does it at medium heat (not high) and that one should cover the frying pan with the lid to cook it better/more quickly. I tried it this past Sunday and voila! Perfection. However, I did ignore the part of breaking the egg on a flat service and cracking it into a small bowl before pouring contents into the pan. I didn’t want to wash another bowl in addition to the frying pan lid.

New fav food for the Princess—”She likes it! She likey!” (The “it” being dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan So Delicious® Strawberry Coconut Milk Kefir by Turtle Mountain.) I was thrilled to find a way to get some probiotics for the Princess that was not grown in a milk culture. Even though she’s generally OK with soygurt, she sometimes gets these random bumps around her mouth or forehead after eating it, which makes me uneasy. (The probiotics in many soygurts are often made in a milk-based culture.) But she was perfectly fine with the strawberry coconut milk kefir. It tastes like a mild strawberry-colada smoothie, and she loves it. What an improvement from my trying to get her to drink soymilk or ricemilk by mixing Hershey’s strawberry syrup into it!

Quest: dairy-free chocolate bar for the Princess. We tried the one dairy-free chocolate bar, Sweet Chocolate Dream, that I was able to find at Whole Foods, and it was disappointing—at least for me. The Princess, however, was so ecstatic just to be able to try A chocolate bar that she scarfed it down, no questions asked. Granted, it looked like a chocolate bar and was sweet to be sure, but where was the chocolate flavor? Maybe next time I should get the Dark Chocolate Dream and see if it’s better. In fact, the Dark Chocolate Dream with rice crisps sounds very promising. I hope I can find it the next time I’m at Whole Foods.

Basic water/alkaline diet? Lesson learned: it’s OK to live a little—go buy that overpriced bottle of water; you might actually enjoy it. When I was single, I never bought bottled water from a convenience store or grocery store to drink while shopping or for the ride/walk home. So when HB picked up a bottle of Eternal water at Whole Foods, no less, I was thinking, couldn’t he have just waited until we got home?

After HB and the Princess had their fill, I decided that I was going to enjoy one of the perks of being married, which is claiming the right of “what’s yours is mine,” and I took a sip from the decadent bottle of water. It turned out that they didn’t want any more after their one sip, so I drank the rest of it—not because I didn’t want it sitting in the car only to be thrown out, but because it actually tasted very good and I felt surprisingly energized. When I read it was bottled in New Zealand, I felt a twinge of guilt (carbon footprint), but was definitely intrigued when I read that it had a pH of 8.

What?! Isn’t water supposed to have a pH of 7? What am I doing drinking a base? I thought to myself. And then I remembered my friend, Ellen, who was telling me about wanting to try out a more alkaline diet in order to get more energy and to boost her immune system.

According to the book she was reading, chronic illnesses/symptoms (e.g., headaches, nasal congestion, colds, flu, joint/muscle inflammation) are believed to be linked with an acidic diet. As our normal pH is between 7.35 and 7.45, a diet rich in acid-producing foods disrupts our natural balance and prevents our bodies from absorbing essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium, which in turn, weakens our immune system. To follow a more alkaline diet, one would consume more vegetables and certain fruits,* while cutting down or eliminating meat, dairy, processed foods, salt, and sugar. Sounds like your typical, common-sense, good-health diet, right?

Anyway, I was thinking that if I felt so much better after drinking slightly basic water, maybe an alkaline diet—or perhaps a less acidic diet—might be worth a try. But if I were truly serious about doing this, taking baby steps would be the only way to go. I wouldn’t even last a day otherwise. I love my sweets too much.

And now we move onto March… Maybe I’ll be better about writing this month.

*Note: What I thought was interesting was the point that people react differently to certain fruits and vegetables, that is, some people can properly metabolize the fruit/vegetable making it alkalizing, whole others cannot, which makes it acidifying. So not all fruits and veggies are good for everyone; it depends on the individual.


3 thoughts on “February: Cooking/Food Notes

  1. My dairy-intolerant daughter also loves the strawberry So Delicious coconut milk kefir. She likes their coconut milk yogurt, too, especially the chocolate, which she thinks tastes like pudding!

    You might want to try some of the really outrageous dairy-free dark chocolate bars out there. I recommend Chocolate Decadence, Tropical Source, and Terra Nostra. GoMaxGo Foods also makes vegan bars that are like Three Musketeers and Milky Way bars! http://gomaxgofoods.com

  2. Hi sophia! i am checking out my food websites! glad to see you are writing in March. i think eggs are a perfect food.

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