Nice Like Lice

I just got off the phone with one of my dearest friends. During our conversation I was reminded of another conversation that I had with a different friend. I said, “Nice is like lice…Don’t be so nice all the time because people take advantage of you.”

Even the word “nice” is off-putting. It’s very dismissive, like when someone says, “That’s nice,” and then changes topics or directs his/her attentions elsewhere. And then there are those folks use “nice” when they can’t think of anything else to say. It’s no coincidence that “mice” and “lice” are close neighbors to “nice,” and I find myself reacting accordingly.

There are some people who I consider angels on earth disguised as humans. My friend is one of them—although she’d be the last to admit it. Abundantly caring, loving, and generous to a fault, she’s always willing to help and puts others’ needs before her own. On top of that, she doesn’t think of it as anything extraordinary.

What gets me angry is when I hear about people who take advantage of her good nature, twist her words/actions around and accuse her of having a hidden agenda, or assume that they can just keep taking from her because they were able to do so in the past. If I could, I would like to be her avenger and set those people straight.

I told her that it’s OK to be a bitch every now and then. Highly encouraged, in fact. I once heard on the radio that “bitch” stands for “Being In Total Control of Herself.” There’s nothing wrong with that.

I also told her that sometimes one needs to shock the hell out of someone in order to get one’s point across. To say “f*ck-off” every now and then does the trick. (Not too often, though—the shock wears off very quickly.) On a side note, I recently read that swearing is good for one’s health. 😉

So a lesson to all you kind people out there—embrace your inner bitchiness. Being nice is like lice.


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