Green Tea to Whittle the Belly

I think I may have to switch over from iced coffee to green tea. According to a article:

  • Five cups of green tea every day could help you shed twice as much weight—most of it around your middle, according to a Journal of Nutrition study. Researchers also found that people who had sports drinks with green tea for 12 weeks lowered their levels of triglycerides, a blood fat linked to heart disease.
  • Catechins (the antioxidants in the tea) are thought to boost energy and enhance fat-burning, and they may influence body composition in other ways.

What’s not stated in the article is that one needs to watch the sugar that’s added in the sports drinks. Also, the other downside is that green tea does have caffeine, so people who are sensitive to caffeine shouldn’t drink it.

I like to have my green tea with a little bit of honey or with a splash of Minute Maid Lemonade Lite. Speaking of which—I should probably go brew some right now.


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