Bring on the Meal Dictator

Last week, HB gently reminded me that I ought not ask the Princess what she’d like to eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner, but serve whatever I feel is right. If she’s hungry, she’ll eat whatever is in front of her. If not, well, there’s always the next meal.

Now the trick is to make sure there aren’t any unhealthy snacks for her to fall back on. That means I ought to get rid of (or hide) the shoestring potatoes snacks, ketchup fries, Oreos, Chips Ahoy, fruit snacks, jelly beans, kettle corn, Okedoke corn puffs, brown rice krispie treats, and more. Hmmmm…maybe I should just add on another food pantry with a double-bolt lock on it. Nah! The simpler solution would be to just toss out the unhealthy food. But where’s the fun in a house with only healthy food?

Besides, I like getting the Princess to do things by bribing her with a treat. “Clean up your play area, and I’ll give you 3 jelly beans.” How long can a parent get away with that?

Then there’s the Korean mama in me that must figure out a way to produce a Buddha belly to all those who enter my kitchen. If the belly is flat or concave, my job is incomplete. I am incomplete. Therefore I must feed. You must eat. And the world will live in harmony.

Perhaps I will give cooking one-meal-for-all a try. I’ll have to make sure HB doesn’t weaken under the Princess’s, “But I’m so hungry, Daddy. I want soy ice cream, now. Please, please, please?”

And when one of the grandmas says to me, “Why haven’t you been feeding this child? She’s all skin and bones.” I’ll just say, “It’s summertime. The kids are too busy running around outside and having fun. They just can’t keep up with the eating.”

Sounds like a plan.


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