Cheapskate’s Guide to Making Iced Coffee

Now that the weather’s been warming up, I’ve found myself drawn to those iced coffee ads that have been playing on TV. I’d love to have a more extraordinary day ala McDonald’s McCafé, or be able to build phenomenal sand castles like Dunkin Donuts iced coffee drinkers. But lately I’ve been feeling a bit cash poor, so I’m left to my own devices—my 5+ year-old automatic drip coffeemaker, coffee grinder, and espresso beans that I’d bought on sale at World Market.

My way of making ice coffee is pretty simple.

  • Use freshly ground coffee beans to make coffee (make it stronger than usual). Cool down to room temperature and then refrigerate. When ready to serve, pour the coffee in a tall glass of ice, add non-dairy creamer, and stir. (I’m a fan of the French vanilla creamer from Coffee-Mate or International Delight.)
  • If craving more of a frappucino experience, freeze the coffee in ice cube trays and then use the blender’s ice-crusher feature while adding the non-dairy flavored creamer. In fact, instead of using plain ice for the iced coffee, consider using ice cubes made from coffee. That’ll double the kick.
  • If you’ve found that the iced coffee that you’ve made isn’t strong enough, add some freeze dried espresso such as Medaglia d’Oro.
  • If you’re not counting calories, feel free to be experiment. My brother-in-law, Cap, makes this phenomenal coffee malt shake with enough calories to fatten up any underweight teenage boy. Add Starbuck’s or Haagen Daaz coffee ice cream, plus Ovaltine, and a squirt of chocolate syrup to the cold coffee for a mocha malted shake.

Yesterday, I served up some of my precious liquid gold to my friend, Colleen, who repeatedly told me how good it was as she was sipping every last drop of melted ice. Yes, I knew it was my cue to offer another glass, but alas—I had run out.


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