Public Bathrooms Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Ever since I was little, I hated public bathrooms. I remember in grade school I would hold it in the whole day—sometimes it was downright painful—but oh, what a relief it was when I came home.

In college, I accepted the fact that necessity trumps fear of catching any communicable diseases, so I managed to get myself to use the public bathrooms—artfully standing or hovering to pee, and/or dressing the seat with toilet paper to minimize skin contact for #2, especially if I knew I couldn’t wait for home. Pregnancy was another story. There was just no time to be fussy. I went when I had to go. End of story.

Today I was reminded of another reason why public bathrooms are dangerous. On my way out of the women’s room, I lost my balance and fell down hard on my left knee. I didn’t notice the speedbump at the threshhold and a slight step down. Thankfully my pride was salvaged by my not entering the men’s room by mistake, which was just across the way. Also, there was no one to see my ungainly dive and not-quite-so-quick save (but just in case you did, yeah, I meant to do that—I am a dancer after all, and Pisces rule their feet).

Although I was able to shake it off and have my client meeting, I came home to see my knee in all its kaleidoscopic glory. I channeled Dr. Mom, who said it was not broken since I was able to walk on it, and so I just wrapped it up in ice, elevated it, and took a nice hour-long nap. It was almost worth the fall to take that nap.

So a warning to all—watch out for those speed bumps when leaving the restroom. They can kill you (or at least your pride).


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