Battling Technophobia—Baby Steps Into Web 2.0

One of my friends finally convinced me to try out Facebook. I kept putting it off—the idea of putting my mug out into the world (frightening!), having strangers/acquaintances read about my foibles, possibly judging me (even more frightening!), and then there’s actually trying to put up meaningful content while answering the dreaded question, “Who am I?”

It was hard enough just to work myself up to setting up a blog. Learning the technology and jargon was one part of the hurdle. Thankfully, WordPress is easy to work with—WYSIWYG, with the option of using CSS if you know it.

Then there’s the bigger question—do I really have much to write about? (Thankfully, when it comes to food and health stuff, I can write all day.) But now that I have made the plunge, I can’t imagine life without a creative outlet via blog or Facebook. And now Facebook promises to be yet another addiction/time vortex, as I’ve learned I can get back in touch with old friends, especially those who’ve I’ve lost contact over the years but think about time and again.

The hardest part is trying to find a balance between TMI (too much info) and just enough, but certainly interesting/entertaining/enlightening enough content for a range of audiences. We tend to modify our behavior according to the person we’re with. Some people are able to accept us uncensored, while others can handle only the safe, rated-G parts. Then there’s the timely advice about being careful lest one’s employer, partner or mate, or future employer, partner or mate finds one’s content objectionable.

There’s so much change happening—new technologies that are supposed to bring us closer, but at the same time, while we’re texting, blogging, twittering or what-have-you, we have to be careful not to neglect what’s happening in front of us. For me, I need to set a technology-time-out, so I don’t miss out on the Princess growing up. As easy it is to let her play hours of Wii or watch DVDs, I need to set aside some QT (quality time), or else will need to set aside some $$$ for therapy.

Man, it’s tough being a parent…



3 thoughts on “Battling Technophobia—Baby Steps Into Web 2.0

  1. When in doubt, lie. That’s my philosophy.

    (Not really. I’m possibly the world’s worst liar, and I blush to hot-pink before I even get to test whether the lie is believed.)

    However, lying about personal details like what books or television shows define you is perfectly acceptable for just the reasons you listed: Do business contacts need to know private beliefs without knowing everything else about you that might justify those beliefs if they don’t jibe with the contacts’? I say, save the real details for the real conversations… via tête-à-tête, phone, Facebook messaging, and email. 😉

  2. One thing I do wish about Facebook is the ability to give different access levels to certain friends (business contacts vs. close friends vs. not-so-close friends). Maybe there is a way but I haven’t figured it out? Or could it be a work in progress for them?

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