January Blahs for the Korean Drama Mama

Motivation—where art thou? These days it’s tough to get myself to do anything. I haven’t had the heart to put away the Christmas tree yet (The Princess likes the mood lighting too much), and I haven’t been to the gym/yoga studio since the end of November. It’s tough enough getting out of bed, earning my keep, and keeping up with domestics.

Instead, I’ve been in some kind of hazy dreamworld—half-alert, half-awake, and waiting for my next fix of watching k-dramas into the wee hours of the morn through mysoju.com and a new online Korean drama viewing site, dramafever.com. I’ve been juggling three—My Lovely Kim Sam Soon, Stairway to Heaven, and The Last Scandal. Why so many? Because not all the episodes were up and running, and I had to stop mid-series. However, I got a nice email today saying that the remaining episodes of Kim Sam Soon are online. Woo-hoo!

I try to justify my k-drama watching saying that it’s a cultural study and a way to improve my Korean language skills, but who am I kidding? It’s just too darn entertaining!

And then there’s Masterpiece Theater’s Wuthering Heights on on pbs.org, that I absolutely must watch at some point before the month is through. Too many things to watch, and not enough hours in the night.

So, it’s time for some tough love/intervention. I said to myself, “Self, before you can watch another episode of anything, you need to do at least three items from the grandmaster list of things to do.” I like the number three. It’s not too overwhelming or too whimpy, and sometimes I find I have more energy than I originally thought, so I end up doing more.

But perhaps the best thing to do is just to finish off the three k-dramas and Wuthering Heights and not start watching another series for a while. Or, bring up and use the stationery bike, free weights, and other dust-laden exercise equipment while watching the shows. Need to ease the guilt, somehow…

Lucky for me, Chinese New Year’s falls on January 26 in 2009, so I can have another fresh start. So until then, should I continue my slugitude, or actually try getting back on track (or least enjoy some practice restarts)?


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