A New Reason (Excuse) to Eat More Apple and Pumpkin Pie?!

Today I read an interesting article on Health.com, “Spices, Herbs Boost Health for Diabetics,” about a research study conducted by the University of Georgia on how herbs and spices can work to help against tissue damage and inflammation. (The findings appear in a recent issue of the Journal of Medicinal Food.)

Some interesting snippets:

  • “In laboratory tests, the researchers found that many of the spices and extracts appeared to inhibit a process known as glycation, which has been linked to inflammation and tissue damage in diabetics.”
  • “The spices that seemed most likely to help diabetics included cloves, cinnamon (previously pegged as a possible blood-sugar reducer), allspice, apple pie spice and pumpkin pie spice…Top herbs included marjoram, sage and thyme.”

Sounds like a Happy Thanksgiving to me…

The article, however, points out a caveat—that there isn’t enough research indicating how much spices to use before it becomes a benefit.

Anyway, I’d love see the actual journal article to find out if the herbs were tested by themselves or included in food (if so, which?). After all, if they tested the spices by making apple or pumpkin pie, who is to say it wasn’t the pumpkin or the apples themselves helped against inflammation? For instance in Korea, people eat pumpkin or squash porridge (hoh-bahk jook) to help reduce inflammation/bloating. Also, I’m sure the amount of sugar and fat that goes into the recipes with the spices/herbs also affects whether or not any benefits can be obtained by the herbs/spices.


I guess the best thing to do for now is mind the rule—”all things in moderation.” But it was fun to imagine the possibilities.


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