Thank Heavens for Cherrybrook Kitchen!

Today’s one of those blah, gray days where you just want to sit and do nothing. Be one with the couch. Contemplate your navel. Watch the world go by. But with a rambunctious, trouble-seeking, five-year-old in the house, sometimes you just have to break open a box of chocolate chip cookie mix and bribe her to be good at least for an hour or two.

Although I try to cook and bake from scratch as much as possible, I have many moments where I’m pressed for time and brain power and have to resort to drastic measures—pre-packaged mixes. I am happy to say that there is one company that I absolutely love—Cherrybrook Kitchen! They have the best cake, cookie, brownie, pancake, and frosting mixes that are peanut free, dairy free, egg free, and nut free—and they even offer gluten free mixes as well.

My daughter has had dairy, egg, nut, peanut, gluten, and citrus allergies as a baby. Although she’s outgrown many of her food allergies, she is still very allergic to nuts and dairy. For a long time it was hard for her to enjoy other kids’ birthdays at day care/school because she couldn’t share the same foods. Even hearing the song “Happy Birthday” made her cry. She would opt to sit quietly in the corner with an adult, while the other kids in her class would enjoy their dessert.

Then sometime last year I found this lovely, colorful package from Cherrybrook Kitchens at Whole Foods. And we’ve never looked back since. She, too, could now eat cake and cookies at parties. And, she could eat pancakes at day care just like her classmates. Best of all, there’s no sacrifice in taste!

Last year alone, I used the chocolate cake mix and frosting mix to make cupcakes for my daughter’s class at least four times. The frosting mix is quite generous that I often end up using it on breakfast toast.

Anyway, if there isn’t a Whole Foods near you, you can still order the mixes on their website and have the items delivered to your home. Sometimes ordering online is the best way because a lot of the stores that do carry the products run out of stock very quickly. Go Cherrybrook Kitchen!

Time to bake those cookies with The Princess!


2 thoughts on “Thank Heavens for Cherrybrook Kitchen!

  1. Thanks so much for such a nice post about Cherrybrook. WOW! It’s stories like yours that make our day. Cherrybrook just recently started our own blog to share stories and pictures from people like you. Would you care if reference your blog? I will also include a picture if you want to send one of The Princess. 🙂 Thanks again.


    Laura at Cherrybrook

  2. Thanks for visiting Soul Kitchen. Feel free to reference my blog. Keep making those great desserts! (I’m so thrilled to see that the frosting now comes in a jar. Yummy!)

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