A Glutton for Punishment

I just got back from my 3rd kickboxing class. The instructor is a young gal, not quite good at explaining all the nuances of proper form/technique, but she has a lot of energy. She’s more of a tomboy vs. a gym bunny, which makes her bearable. I can’t stand girly gym bunnies.

I see slight improvements. For instance, I can now jump rope more than 20 times before tripping, and I can feel the satisfying thunk as I hit the blockers. However, I still have a ways to go. It’s very humbling trying to master all the little bits leading to the actual punching and kicking. Bits like your basic crunches, push-ups, jump-roping, lunges. Thank goodness the instructor is merciful—”Do what you can, but challenge yourself to do a little more each time.” It probably has something to do with avoiding lawsuits, should one of us drop dead in the middle of a sumo squat series.

From my Wii Fit, I am reminded that I need to “strengthen my core.” That is, work towards getting rid of the jelly belly and actually get some sort of muscle. Flexibility, I have. Strength, I have not. Tone, definitely not on this body, but on a good day I have perfect pitch, so there.

So why am I putting myself through all this torture? I am working towards reversing my Type 2 diabetes and controlling my cholesterol levels. OK, there’s also the vanity bit, too. If I plan to visit Korea, I would actually like to be able to purchase something cute that I can fit into. My sister-in-law tells me that someone wearing a size 8 is considered a “fatty.” Dang! That’s my fantasy-size.

The other reason why I’m doing kickboxing is to actually do something that’s on one of my lists of things to do before I die. Granted, this item was listed back in the day when I was a young-un without any obligations to anyone other than to myself. Kudos to me for doing this before turning 40.

Speaking of the List, another item on it is to have a blog. Kalloo-kallay, she chortled with glee. I am now published on the Web.

For some giggles, check out this video from YouTube, 200 Pound Beauty – Beautiful Girl (Trailer). The actual movie is entertaining as well.

My daughter loves this clip, and it’s become an anthem for me as well. The lyrics translate as follows: “Mirror, mirror…Who’s the most beautiful in the world? Me?….I’m a beautiful girl, such a lovely girl…Everybody wants me…I’m so sexy, I’m a beautiful girl…” You can watch the movie with subtitles on mysoju.com and other k-drama video sites. It’s cute, fluffy, and funny, with some poignant scenes and ballads that actually made me teary, especially the song, Byul (“Star”).


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